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What is DPG?

Dealer Performance Groups (DPG) use a proven, collaborative, business enrichment model designed to improve independent dealers’ operational efficiencies. By utilizing this structured meeting process and having a real-time network of dealers to call upon for insight, operators DPGs help dealers be proactive in developing business strategies and define what success is for them.

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Gathered experience across all members to help define a new model of success for dealerships

Dealers Helping Dealers Succeed

DPGs will meet regularly with non-competing colleagues with similar business operations. Dealers share standardized, individual performance metrics, and that data is used to develop individual and group operating objectives and ROI targets. Along the way, they share best ideas, best practices, and successful strategies to improve their businesses.

Over time, your group facilitator and fellow DPG members become an informal board of directors that you can turn to for insights and suggestions when you encounter business, and even personal, challenges. Just as you should hold your managers and employees accountable, they will urge you to meet your goals and challenge you when you do not.

How does it work?

Dealer Performance Group Meetings

  • Meetings typically occur over three-days. Meeting times, duration, venue location, budget and agenda topics will be decided on by the group.
  • Dealers can expect a deep dive into their personal and group performance metrics. It’s vital to maximizing net profit.
  • DPG is responsible for coordinating the meetings and facilitating meeting accommodations. DPG members secure their personal travel and hotel accommodations. All dealers equally share the expenses of meeting accommodations, group meals, and gratuities, and choices are made by a majority vote of the group.
DPG Members

What can attending dealerships expect?

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Professional Advice

Professional facilitators with a history of proven success in automotive retailing and finance, consulting, and training.

Performance Metrics

Personal Performance Metrics, Group and Individual operating objectives and ROI targets.

Cost Effective

That every effort will be made to keep the program cost-effective with a measurable and significant return on investment. There is no long-term contract.

Networking Opportunities

Lifelong friendships, camaraderie, and quality time spent with colleagues who are as dedicated to their business and families as you.

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