NIADA Certified Pre-Owned

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NIADA Certified Pre-Owned

The demand for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles is at an all-time high. And dealer-branded Certified Pre-Owned programs don’t always resonate with customers who are looking for assurance and reliability. The NIADA Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program, exclusive to members, provides your dealership the opportunity to reach the large volume of used vehicle shoppers, looking for a certified vehicle.

Join the thousands of NIADA dealer members who are profiting from the Certified Pre-Owned program.

Dealer benefits of selling NIADA Certified Pre-Owned vehicles

More Profit

CPO vehicles bring (on average) higher price points than non-certified counterparts


Provides 3rd Party endorsement that CPO vehicle meets high quality standards


Program is backed by the reputation of a well-respected national association


Reassures customers that the dealership is held to a code of ethics established by a respected 3rd party organization

More Attractive

Our administrators improve your ability to attract customers and provide services similar to new car franchises

Quicker Turnaround

CPO vehicles (on average) turn faster than non-certified counterparts