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Automotive media technology company gives photography superpower to NIADA members to compete with the prominent players in the digital retail space.

Toronto, Canada (September 14, 2022), an automotive media software company has been selected by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association as a National Corporate Partner.

As part of this partnership, will help more than 15,000 NIADA members revolutionize their online presence in the digital retail space. “We are excited to partner with NIADA and look forward to giving their members the powerful software tools they need to effectively sell cars online in today’s market”, CEO, Sean Toussi said.

“We are constantly researching products and services that can help our members with their online sales activities. With roughly 80% of buyers beginning the car buying process online, having access to affordable imaging tools is crucial.”, NIADA Vice President James Gibson said.

While the entire automotive industry is going through a revolution in how cars are made, significant changes are also happening with how cars are bought and sold. These changes demand a stronger online presence that require modernized presentations and photography. Smaller dealers without the budget to invest in new technology unfortunately tend to fall behind. Glo3D provides the tools necessary through a fast and easy mobile application to allow dealerships of any size create polished photography and virtual tours of cars that can compete with multi-million dollar hardware, software tools and physical turntables.

About Glo3d provides an affordable photography application that helps auto dealers capture professional virtual tours of their cars with custom backgrounds and automatically upload them to their website and inventory management in under 10 minutes using just a smartphone and no additional hardware. Our technology provides dealers the opportunity to compete with prominent players in the automotive digital retail space. We can help auto dealers optimize their online presence with 30% more product engagement and boost sales by up to 7%.

To learn more about Glo3D and available services, visit, or email Or call +1 (705) 996-6244.


The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) is among the nation’s largest trade associations, representing the used motor vehicle industry comprised of more than 38,000 licensed used car dealers. Since 1946, NIADA has represented the voice and interests of used car dealers at the federal level in Washington D.C. Coupled with its state association network across the country, NIADA’s grass-roots framework provides a dual layer of advocacy unmatched in the used motor vehicle industry.

For more than 70 years, NIADA has engineered programs and leveraged technology to fulfill its mission to advance, educate and promote the independent used car dealer. NIADA members subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics of duty, honor, and integrity, and believe in the advancement of small businesses in support of the free-market system. More information about NIADA programs and educational opportunities is available at