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Automotive Retail Inventory Management and Market Pricing Innovator Selected to Supercharge 15,000 Dealerships Coast-to-Coast

KANSAS CITY, Mo. VINCUE, an award-winning solution for retail automotive dealers, today announced they have partnered with NIADA to work thoughtfully and diligently to optimize the inventory lifecycle for more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide. 

This move, which is made possible through a National Corporate Partnership with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA), means independent dealerships have unprecedented access to the VINCUE solution. Deploying the software would allow these dealerships to better compete and maximize revenue with access to crucial insights to their entire inventory lifecycle. 
“Independents are innovators, unchained, and carry the potential to risk more and achieve higher. These dealerships grow to better their teams, communities, and industry. That is why I love being an independent,” said Danny Zaslavsky, Dealer Principal, Country Hill Motors and Managing Partner, VINCUE. “VINCUE has a great relationship with NIADA, and we look forward to helping more independent dealers through  the VINCUE platform. It is about helping each other grow and improve.” 

Dealerships of all sizes have relied on VINCUE and find it is the best software to manage the following:  

  • Inventory Management 
  • Pricing and Appraisal 
  • Merchandising 
  • Advertising: Vin-Specific Targeting 
  • Vehicle Acquisition  
    • Private Market 
    • Trade-In 
    • Online wholesaling and acquisition 
  • Dealer Websites 
  • Data Analytics and Reporting 

Having access to the VINCUE platform results in better knowledge for the dealerships, enabling them to improve their profits and develop long-lasting relationships with their customers.

“Together, we are going to revolutionize the way our independent dealerships do business,” said Reginald Allen, NIADA’s Member Benefits Manager. “We’re excited to offer this solution to our dealerships across the country to help them better compete in their respective marketplaces.” 

VINCUE will offer its solutions to NIADA members at a preferred price, giving them access to better tools and powerful data. In turn, this reinforces the three value pillars VINCUE was founded on: to unify technology, increase inventory gross and turn for dealers and delight consumers.

See how dealers win by choosing VINCUE.


VINCUE is working to transform the retail automotive software industry by providing dealers with new, innovative end-to-end inventory lifecycle management and market pricing solutions giving dealers access to real-time data and tools in a single system to stock smarter, increase turn, compete effectively, and above all else – maximize profits.  

About NIADA 

The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) is among the nation’s largest trade associations, representing the used motor vehicle industry of more than 15,000 licensed used car dealers. Since 1946, NIADA has represented the voice and interests of used car dealers at the federal level in Washington D.C.  


Angela Rizzo
Chief Marketing Officer