CMD program provides lessons for dealers

Donald Sullivan, Jr., urges his fellow dealers to continue learning and gaining education.

At the top of his recommendations for education is the Certified Master Dealer course. Sullivan, who completed the program in 2016, will help lead a discussion on the CMD program with NIADA Senior 20 Group Moderator Ed Curry at the NIADA Convention and Expo.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” said the dealer from Fredericksburg, Va. “It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been in the business or how new they are in the business, I’m confident that the CMD program will have information and takeaways that’ll better their business. One hundred percent.”

Close to 300 dealers have earned the distinction of being a NIADA Certified Dealer in the past three decades. The standout dealers earned the CMD title by completing a comprehensive course, specifically designed to develop the skills of these industry leaders.

Dealers completing the training support ethical business standards and practices, and are leaders in their communities.

Sullivan, who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees, explains the coursework provides insight and lessons about inventory, expenses and managing your dealership that is unavailable anywhere else.

“Through the CMD program, you have access to knowledge and insight on things that are specific to the car industry,” Sullivan said. “You get material to take back that can actually help you throughout your journey of being a car dealer. Right now [RG1] in our industry, there are no other certifications available. Being a CMD really puts you on the map and sets yourself apart from other dealers.”

See the full article in the June issue of UCD.

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