Is that new hire the right fit?

Hiring and training a new employee can be very expensive. Hiring and training a new employee that does not fit your culture can be more expensive.

Let’s start at the top

Do you have a purpose-driven company culture as defined by management?

Successful company cultures have employees with a clear sense of purpose. Employees who understand their immediate and long-term goals. This is important because an organization with purpose shifts people and resources forward in order to achieve goals rather than simply managing them. After all, achieving goals is what it is all about! So, purpose-driven culture is a cornerstone of a successful business.

Does the candidate have what it takes?

The candidate must be able to work and play well with others. Therefore, their strengths must align with the company culture management has created. The old saying of “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch” is very true. I have often seen a Superstar salesperson stifle the effectiveness of the Team. Once the Superstar was gone, the rest of the Team rose to the challenge and filled the void.

Don’t hire what you cannot fire

We love hiring friends and family because we are comfortable with them. Or, we want to help them out. You could be doing both of you a disservice. I have seen many times where a relative could not do the job and they were moved (or promoted) to another position – because the owner could not fire family. I am not saying avoid hiring family.

Just know that they have to be in line with the culture you created.

Can you afford turnover?

As a small business owner, you are going to have to replace an employee at one time or another. While it may seem like a minor hassle – Hiring and training the wrong employee can be much more than an HR headache. So, it is important to consider employee retention efforts to curtail unseen costs that come with new employees.

In conclusion, you will find successful candidates by going outside the traditional interview process. Find unique ways to evaluate them beyond a face-to-face interview. Let’s face it – they can be stressful.

  • Do a walk around the office and chat casually
  • Listen the questions they ask you
  • Make sure they spend time with your team
  • Be creative

At the end of day, the best advice is trust your instincts.

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