Manheim acquires tech for undercarriage imaging

Manheim announced Monday the acquisition of Synthetik Applied Technologies’ undercarriage imaging technology.

The Cox Automotive brand purchased the technology after partnering with Synthetik to deploy 40 undercarriage imaging devices across 26 Manheim locations and capturing more than 500,000 images in 2022, according to a press release about the acquisition.

Manheim plans to further develop and integrate the technology with its imaging solutions.

“Alongside Fyusion’s best-in-class imaging, the purchase of Synthetik’s undercarriage imaging technology is an important step in Manheim’s journey to give clients the most comprehensive vehicle view in the industry,” said Grace Huang, president, Inventory Solutions at Cox Automotive. “These investments will give buyers an enhanced level of trust, consistency and transparency in vehicle conditions, enabling them to make more informed buying decisions.”

Vehicles are photographed by driving slowly over the device affixed to the ground. It provides an efficient alternative to driving a vehicle onto a physical ramp or lift for a post-sale inspection, as inspectors can review the captured images from a screen. Clients can zoom in and pan across to visually inspect the underside of the vehicle for fluid leaks, corrosion and structural integrity.

Buyers and sellers can use these images to make more informed decisions.

The addition of undercarriage imaging comes on the heels of other significant imaging advancements Manheim made in 2022, including the deployment of Fyusion-powered handheld imaging at all locations. Manheim also worked with Fyusion to install AI-driven fixed imaging tunnels at select locations. In Atlanta, Ohio and Tampa, the company installed undercarriage imaging devices inside the fixed imaging tunnels.

“The future of vehicle imaging is now,” added Zach Hallowell, senior vice president, Manheim Digital. “As we continue to deploy our fixed imaging tunnels, the combination of undercarriage images and photos that capture virtually every angle will give clients a complete 360° exterior picture of the vehicles they want to purchase; a view that is unmatched in the wholesale industry.”

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