NIADA to hold webinar on FTC Vehicle Shopping Rule

Registration is underway for Friday’s webinar on the Federal Trade Commission’s Vehicle Shopping Rule.

The FTC announced the final version of the Vehicle Shopping Rule in December, which will profoundly change how auto and truck dealers advertise vehicles, communicate with their customers and sell vehicle protection products.

The rule will require new disclosures and forms, additional training, monitoring, and compliance responsibilities, substantial recordkeeping and an increase in the time it takes to sell, lease and finance a vehicle.

In the free webinar at 1 p.m. CT on Friday, Feb. 23, NIADA and Hudson Cook partners Patty Covington, Eric Johnson and Jean Noonan will discuss the Vehicle Shopping Rule and answer questions, including: 

  • What is the effect of the FTC’s order postponing the effective date of the rule pending judicial review? 
  • Are we covered by the rule? 
  • Why are my current best practices not enough for compliance?
  • Why can I be liable for “implied” claims I did not intend to make?
  • What new disclosures are required and when must I give them? 
  • What does “express, informed consent” mean? 
  • What about social media posts and communicating with customers by text? 
  • What about state law? 
  • What records must be kept? 
  • What happens if we violate the rule?

Join us to gain valuable insight and perspective on how to prepare your dealership for the road ahead. Registration is open by clicking here.


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