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Whenever you start a journey, it’s best to know where you’re going and the route you’re going to take. For associations, it’s no different. In fact, since boards have a fiduciary duty of foresight, having a road map is even more important for associations.

Whenever you start a journey, it’s best to know where you’re going and the route you’re going to take. For associations, it’s no different.

In February, the NIADA Board of Directors adopted a written strategic plan to put the members first and foremost. Focus on increasing member value through education, meetings, communication, and of course, advocacy. Work with the state associations to strengthen them in service to the members. Operating efficiently with written goals and objectives. Operating in a servant leadership capacity. And, increase our voice before the federal and state governments.

As part of the strategic plan, the Board adopted the following vision for the industry, “A robust, ethical, and professional independent used vehicle market trusted by consumers.” That’s our why we exist statement. The Board also revised the NIADA mission statement, “Promote, educate, and advocate for ethical independent automobile dealers and their consumers.” Everything we do from here will support our mission to accomplish our vision.

The Board adopted the following directional goals that guide the rest of the strategic plan:

  1. to change the tenor and tone of the organization to be more member and state focused
  2. to expand advocacy at the federal and state level
  3. to operate profitably and build strategic reserves
  4. to increase membership
  5. to strengthen the states and create new revenue sources for them
  6. to expand educational offerings, expand 20-Groups, and expand dealer education at meetings
  7. to reinvigorate the National Quality Dealer Award, and
  8. to improve marketing and communication.

To meet these directional goals, the Board adopted the following specific goals:

  • NIADA will help the industry continue to grow with a minimum of regulation in a fair and equitable marketplace
  • NIADA will be the authoritative voice of the used vehicle marketplace
  • NIADA will create a demand among consumers for using NIADA members
  • NIADA will attract more members to the association
  • NIADA will help improve the operations and reach of state affiliates
  • NIADA will offer exceptional member benefits
  • NIADA will help members optimize their businesses to compete in an evolving marketplace through 20-groups, best practices, benchmarking, education, certification, meetings, and networking
  • NIADA will grow financial performance and resources to support its mission and vision, and
  • NIADA will expand its internal capacity to execute the strategic plan.

The whole plan listing the objectives under each of the goals can be found on the new NIADA website. It is our road map.

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