NQD Keynote Speaker to show focusing on people leads to success

As the host of the Dealer Playbook podcast and the CEO at FlexDealer.com, Michael Cirillo has found a common theme among successful dealers in the in auto industry — they care about people.

Cirillo calls it the “law of reciprocity” where people return good deeds.

“You care for your employees, and they care for your customers,” Cirillo explained.

In his address “The Power of Building Relationships of Trust,” Cirillo will be sharing anecdotes from his visits with dealers and employees in the car business and the lessons he’s picked up, as the keynote speaker, during the National Quality Dealers presentation 4 p.m. June 22 at National Independent Automobile Dealers Association 2023 Accelerate Convention and Expo at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

Michael Cirillo

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“It’s humbling. I have a deep sense of gratitude for the industry at large,” Cirillo said about his appearance at the NIADA Convention.

Over the years, Cirillo has witnessed a shift in the industry past the focus of moving metal to growing people, which leads to the desired results.

“We’re thinking more about people and it’s contributing to profits,” Cirillo said. “But it’s not just people, happy people.”

ASOTU, where he is the chief of staff, is launching May 24 a new video series “More than Cars,” which focuses on the real-world human experiences that unfold in car dealerships.

“What motivates people and why are they choosing this line of work? At the foundation of it or any retail, it’s people focused,” Cirillo said. “Thus people matter.

“We’re highlighting real people who happen to be in the car industry. It really hits at the humanity of the industry.”

See a full story from our visit with Cirillo in the June issue of UCD.

His address will conclude four days of learning, including the 77 education sessions to provide helpful information for everyone from rookies to industry veterans.

The brightest minds in the independent auto industry — including independent dealers and NIADA 20 Group moderators — will provide information on everything from reconditioning, inventory, finance to marketing. The many breakout sessions will allow you plenty of chances to pick the brains of these leaders over the four days in seven different areas — dealer operations, leadership, CPO, BHPH, data and analytics, marketing and compliance.

Register at niada.com/convention.

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