A 20 Group Program built by dealers for dealers

As an industry veteran with close to 25 years of experience, I’ve seen 20 Groups from the inside and out. Peer accountability from my 20 Groups helped me make and save money in my own stores.

In joining NIADA to help lead our 20 Groups, I’ve focused on three things. 

First, stabilize the program. Working with our steering committee, we refocused NIADA’s vision for 20 Groups. We established a belief system that our 20 Group program, and NIADA, must be DEALER DRIVEN. That’s why our steering committee is so vital to this program. It’s a 20 Group Program Built by Dealers, For Dealers. 

Second, we had to grow. Growth is vital to any program. Our dealer members are here to grow. We must facilitate that growth by finding dealers to bring new life and vitality to the program. It’s one of our main commitments to each group ­­­­— find dealers that will challenge and grow within your group.

Jeremy Beck, NIADA Vice President of Dealer Development

Third, we must innovate.  What has worked in the past doesn’t necessarily work now, or will in the future. Leaning on our steering committee to help us innovate is critical to providing the support and growth our dealers expect from their 20 Group Program. As we innovate, we do so with purpose and calculation. Reimagination and innovation are more than buzz words. They are actions, driving value for our 20 Group members.

So, the question is why choose NIADA Dealer 20 Groups.  Here are four main reasons to join an NIADA 20 Group versus an alternative program:

A Group for Growth – Not Competition: We place you in a group of like-minded dealers who don’t compete against you. They are not in your marketing area or your direct competitor. They can’t easily drive to a meeting, passing your dealership on the way. They are like-minded dealers who deal with similar challenges, but don’t compete for your customers. Why would you share your metrics, marketing and knowledge with dealers who are competing for your customers? When you are in a group of dealers near you, you will be guarded with what you share and how you engage. Is it worth it? In that model, you lose the power of 20 Groups — strategy, insights and the sharing of ideas. At NIADA, we place you in a group to grow your business, where you can confidently share your challenges, successes and strategies, knowing you aren’t sharing them with your competition.

We Advocate on Your Behalf: No other 20 Group program has a team dedicated to advocating on your behalf. Being a trade association, we have an entire team who positions themselves on the forefront of issues directly affecting your dealership. We meet monthly, quarterly, and sometimes weekly with the large regulatory bodies, members of Congress and influencers to lobby on your behalf. NIADA has its own Political Action Committee (PAC). This allows us to support federal, local and state candidates who will serve our dealers. We work with state associations to put the power of NIADA behind local causes that benefit you. Joining your state association and NIADA 20 Groups are forums for you to inform us about the issues directly affecting your dealership, and where appropriate, we act on your behalf. 

We have the experience:  Our program has been serving dealers since 1999. It’s been under the NIADA banner since 2015. We have the best moderators in the business, with more than 100 years of combined experience in automotive retail, lease-here pay-here, buy-here pay-here, finance and service.  We’ve been retail car dealers and BHPH car dealers. We’ve run finance companies and been service managers. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we understand this business better than anyone who has never been in your shoes. We’ve had to make the tough decisions, and we’ve had the joy of success. We’ve sat in the chair like you, which gives us a unique perspective that others can’t provide.

We reinvest every dollar: Because NIADA is a 501(c)6 nonprofit, we are focused on your profits, not ours. Every dollar we make on our 20 Groups is reinvested into the program and industry. This allows us to advocate, educate and innovate. When you pay your dues to NIADA, you can be confident that you are investing in your industry and your dealership. We don’t line our pocketbooks; we protect yours. 

With the merger of Dealer Performance Groups and NIADA 20 Groups, we have the largest 20 Group program for independent dealers with specialties in retail, buy-here pay-here, lease-here pay-here, service and finance. We pulled the best of both companies to provide the best to our dealer members.  We are innovating with purpose to be driven by your growth.

Advocate, Educate and Innovate with us today to find a 20 Group that supports your growth. Join niada.com/20-groups/

Jeremy Beck, NIADA Vice President of Dealer Development

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